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    Covid 19 Update - 4th May 2020 Opening .

    Conversations and preparations have begun on the phased return of NEG and the Window Industry as a whole.

    5 weeks into our closure and the picture continues to evolve. I hope you and your families remain well. It’s an unfortunate, but realistic probability, that with a workforce so large, and so many customers and suppliers beyond that, it will likely have affected some of us in some shape or form. Our heartfelt sympathies and thoughts therefore go out to everyone dealing with this illness up close.

    It would appear we are past the peak of deaths from the virus thanks to voluntary social distancing. Regardless, we are still very much in ‘lockdown’, and whilst this is perhaps with an increasing amount of focus on returning to normality, it is of course tempered by the need to avoid a second wave of infection.

    Our plans remain aligned with the government’s advice, but additionally we are starting to make preparations for a gradual and phased return to some kind of "new normality" therefore we would like to announce that we will be open again from Monday 4th May 2020 with initial limited capacity and limited workforce.

    The well being and safety of our staff, customers, suppliers and general public must however take priority at all times with new health and safety procedures and working practices. We are already exploring and implementing the use of additional PPE at work and where required continue to observe social distancing practices in the factories. It will be an evolving process where we will follow government advice, and as with all things health and safety, the responsibility of the individual to observe best practice is key. These new practices will inevtiably lead to some initial delivery and order delays until we have bedded them in and we all get used to them.

    Our current thinking is that we expect to get back to some kind of normal capacities towards the end of May to mid June.The issue here however, is that whilst we are loss making while closed, we would be even more so if open but significantly under trading, so we do need to get this balance right. On the other hand, we do however need to start somewhere, we expect a very gradual and staged return of our commercial and operational activities, in line with what we expect to see as a slowly increasing sales line.

    Hopefully in the coming weeks we will see more light at the end of the tunnel and although it would appear a long time before we’re 100% back to normal, I hope the bigger parts of our lives – seeing family, friends, work and play can return before too long.

    Best Wishes


    About Us

    Formed in 1993 and based in Fleetwood, Northern Express Glass Ltd is a joint family owned and run business, which has enjoyed continued growth for over 20 years, employing over 130 full time staff, whom have effectively contributed to an annual turnover in excess of £9million.
    The company was originally based in a former ships chandler’s warehouse on the ports Dock St, but by 1997 increased output and demand for product, enabled the mover to larger premises on nearby Copse Rd. By 2002 productivity levels had reached such a height that relocation for a third time to much larger purpose built premises was necessary. Now utilising over 90,000 sq feet of manufacturing floor space and with a delivery fleet of 20 vehicles.
    All Fully Automated Systems

    All Fully Automated Systems

    Our Products

    All IGU’s manufactured and supplied by Northern Express Glass are bespoke to the customer’s specific order, depending on the glass type, thickness, size and decorative requirements. Taking the lead from today’s energy conscious society, and as a result of legislation change, sealed units are now produced using glass with highly complex low emissivity coatings. Whichever glass is required, it will be cut on a fully automated Hegla Cutting Station. Once cut the glass is washed to remove any grease marks or finger prints, and the spacer bar complete with primary sealant applied. In years gone by spacer bars will have been made from aluminium or steel, however the demand for more energy efficient units, and advances in technology, warm edge spacers made from more thermally proficient materials have almost become the norm. The glass with the spacer bar are then placed into a press to ensure the primary sealant is completely intact around the perimeter of the unit. The unit is then placed into a chamber containing argon gas, as opposed to dehydrated air, to further improve energy efficiency. Finally the unit is visually inspected and the secondary edge seal applied.

    Safety and Security

    Safety and Security

    Our Company

    Northern Express Glass Ltd is one of the largest independent manufacturers and distributors of insulating glass units (IGU’s) in the UK. Supplying the trade, domestic, commercial and building industry, offering a large range of glazing options, including, Smart Glass, toughened, laminated and decorative designs.

    BS EN 1270






    Smart Glass

    There is a growing demand for high specification conservatory roof systems. Glass roofs are far more aesthetically pleasing than the polycarbonate equivalent, easier to keep clean and much better at sound insulation, especially during bad weather. Harmful UV rays are also filtered out, protecting your furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun’s light. More importantly however, a modern glass roof is able to greatly regulate temperature, reflecting back the sun’s unwanted heat and glare in the summer months, yet in winter retaining warmth over twice as efficiently as standard glazing. By maintaining a more consistent temperature as the seasons change your new conservatory becomes an all year round room, making the very most of your investment, for life. In combining all of the elements, SMARTGLASS delivers a natural level of daylight and fresh feel, adding to the character of the room as well as its practical use. With fantastic looks and all of these benefits, its easy to see why glass has become the material of choice for the discerning consumer. Under continuous development SMARTGLASS features a variety of upgrades to ensure it remains at the very forefront of glass technology, and now with a choice of four colours there’s never been a better time to specify a genuine SMARTGLASS roof to your new conservatory.

    Intelligent Glazing

    Intelligent Glazing

    Self Cleaning Glass

    Self Cleaning Glass

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