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    As an IGU is sealed, the space between the glass is filled with dehydrated air in order to improve the insulation properties of the unit. Whilst air is considered a good insulator there are superior options available.

    For optimum thermal insulation, Northern Express Glass Ltd use argon gas to fill the cavity of their insulated glass units. Argon gas is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that provides optimum thermal insulation whilst being both non toxic and inert. The use of argon gas in the units allows them to achieve a higher energy rating compared to units using dehydrated air.

    All IGU’s manufactured by Northern Express Glass Ltd hold EN1279 Part 3 Pass Certificates, which means that they comply with the legal requirements for the testing of rates at which gas leaks from a unit.

    Over time the concentration of gas present within an IGU decreases as it escapes, once the concentration falls below 80% the insulation properties are lost. Even after 20 years, a unit manufactured by Northern Express Glass Ltd will still retain 80% of the argon gas it was filled with.

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