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    Q: My old conservatory used to overheat terribly in the summer will SMARTGLASS help?

    A: Yes – older conservatories may either have a basic plain roof on a polycarbonate roof, neither of these have any great effect in controlling the suns heating effect. A basic glass roof would only reflect about 25% of the sun’s heat, but by contrast a SMARTGLASS roof would reflect over 70%, meaning the room stays considerably cooler during hot weather.

    Q: I’ve heard about ‘easy clean coatings’ is that the same as self cleaning?

    A: No – Only a true self cleaning roof does exactly that, cleans itself. Using special coated glasses from Pilkington and other manufacturers, a chemical reaction physically breaks down and washes away dirt. A so called ‘easy clean’ roof doesn’t have these properties.

    Q: In winter I’m concerned about my conservatory being cold, what type of roof should I consider?

    A: One of the key properties of a SMARTGLASS roof is it’s ability to retain warmth in winter – in fact without doubt your new SMARTGLASS roof will be a better insulator than every other form of glazing in your home. With a super low U-value of down 1.0, you can rest assured heat loss is kept to an absolute minimum, keeping you much warmer during the colder months and helping to reduce the cost of heating.

    Q: Will my furniture still fade under a SMARTGLASS Roof?

    A: Over 75% of harmful UV rays are blocked, thereby significantly reducing long term damage to soft furnishings.

    Q: What guarantees do I get with SMARTGLASS?

    A: Every SMARTGLASS roof is manufactured to BS EN1279 for seal quality, and BS EN12150 for toughened glass safety. A 10 year warranty against seal failure comes as standard.

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